Finding the home you want at the price and terms you want!

It is possible to find your dream home even if it is not listed on the MLS. I have a track record of accomplishing tasks that others have been unable to achieve. I can’t disclose specific details due to client confidentiality, but I can provide a general overview of a successful case.

Client’s Objectives:

A couple, newly relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona from Seattle, Washington, were determined to find a lakeside residence at McCormick Ranch to transform into their forever home.

The Numbers:

Homes listed on the MLS were priced over $2 million; however, to accommodate their budget for remodeling, they wanted to purchase a home for $1 million or less.

Our Strategy:

Since the “perfect home” was not available on the MLS, I adopted a strategy to “manufacture inventory.” I crafted a detailed 4-page color newsletter highlighting the rising home prices in McCormick Ranch and noted that we had a buyer looking for a lakeside home. Subsequently, I conducted a door-to-door campaign in the area, engaging directly with homeowners to explore potential off-market opportunities.

Our Results:

Our persistence and tailored approach paid off when we discovered an off-market property that exactly matched what the couple envisioned. This hidden gem, not listed on the MLS, offered them the opportunity to create their dream home by the lake.


While ordinary real estate agents set up searches for their clients on the MLS and wait for homes to come on the market, extraordinary agents utilize multiple avenues to find their clients’ homes. Although these results are not typical, they demonstrate my experience, professionalism, perseverance, and willingness to do the hard work required to make things happen.

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